Book Review: ‘Blessed Life’ By Kim Fields Is A Good Look At Her Life

Kim Fields has been in the acting game for 40 years now. She started when she was a kid doing commercials including Mrs. Butterworth and TV appearances (Good Times) where she became friends and helped coach Janet Jackson, before she got The Facts Of Life. After a rough first season with low ratings she didn’t think the show would even come back. NBC made tweaks and the show ended up running nine seasons. Kim talks all about working on the show, her friendships with the other girls, George Clooney and all the great guest stars that did the show.

She also talks about her time on Living Single and her decision to do Real Housewives. The acting gigs aside, Kim goes into great detail about her upbringing, her faith and God and her personal relationships with men. How it was difficult to keep a relationship while in the business. Kim leaves no stone un-turned and her desire at one point to be Mrs. Lenny Kravitz.

If you’re looking for dirt or anything sensationalized this is not the book for you. Kim Fields talks openly and honestly about her life, her acting, faith, love and her kids. Today she feels she has it all and shares it in her book.

You can pick up Blessed Life in stores now.

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