Book Review: ‘Bleeding Heart’ By Liza Gyllenhaal Is An Enjoyable Read

A woman who emerges from one scandal gets thrown into another.

Liza Gyllenhaal (A Place For Us) new book takes you on a journey of a woman who was left by her husband among a big scandal (which had nothing to do with her) and gets thrown into another one (again now her fault).

Alice Hyatt has been forced to restart her life after her husband disappears with millions of dollars from his employers. She has moved back to her family’s home western Massachusetts and started her own business as a landscape architect. The business is doing good and one day she gets a call from millionaire Graham Mackenzie to design the landscape on his mansion. She has no desire to work for him since his business is fracking, something she is against. He convinces her to take the job with a big fat account.

As things are finishing up, she soon learns Graham is having person and professional problems and his pay bounces. On the day of the unveiling of his landscape in front of the whole town he’s found dead.

Alice is a suspect in the case. Her business is going under as people want their money. Alice vows to clear her name and soon learns shocking secrets in her quest to save her business and find out who killed Graham.

A fun read with many twists on the people closest to Alice. An enjoyable read from start to finish.

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