Book Review: ‘Bittersweet’ By Miranda Beverly Whittemore Is Anything But

With her third novel, Miranda Beverly Whittemore shows how power, money and secrets can really change someone, even when they don’t realize it.

Mabel Dagmar is roommates with Genevra Winslow, who’s from a rich family. Mabel and Ev become friends, so much that Ev invites her for the summer to her family’s estate ‘Bittersweet’ in Vermont. Her family owns multiple houses there and runs the area. Ev is promised a cottage there. Once they get there Mabel runs into her family, and what a cast of characters they are.

Mabel meets eccentric Aunt Indo, who offers her a deal. Find out the family secrets and she will give her the cottage she lives in. Mabel starts digging and the more she finds, the more she understands there are serious secrets and lies that could bring the Winslow family to its knees. Along the way she falls in love, there’s murder and it all boils down to a climax you don’t see coming.

Miranda has written a thrilling novel full of twists and turns that not let you put the book down!

You can pick up ‘Bittersweet’ in stores now.

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