Book Review: ‘Best Seat In The House’ By Justin Roberts Is An Awesome Look At WWE Behind The Scenes

Justin Roberts worked for the WWE for many years as a ring announcer. During all those years doing what he dreamed of doing since he was a kid he lived a dream and traveled the world. He also live a life of hell. For anyone that thinks working for WWE is a dream job think again. When you have Vince McMahon in your ear during live TV events screaming at you it’s isn’t fun. He would be told one thing to say and do it, only to be screamed at he wasn’t suppose to say it after being told to. The whole disorganization of a billion dollar company is just mind-boggling. Justin goes behind the scenes of all of this

Justin also goes into full detail of his life on the road with WWE. From the brutal travel being on the road 5 days a week in various cities, driving and on planes, to being bullied by certain wrestlers (JBL was the worst), this dream at times became a nightmare.

Justin starts from when he was a kid in school how he would charm the teachers, do impressions and start announcing at small shows. He would find the person he would need to talk to and then hound them until he was given a chance. He would friend wrestlers he would meet and also hound the WWE until he was finally hired.

A lifelong wrestling fan who got to live his dream or nightmare tells a fascinating story. I couldn’t put the book down as the stories just engrossed me to read everything.

You can pick up Best Seat In The House: Your Backstage Pass Through My WWE Journey in stores now.

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