Book Review: ‘Below The Belt: A Stone Barrington Novel’ Is The Next Fun Chapter

Who would think that a briefcase would cause so much trouble? When Stone Barrington is asked by former President Will Lee (and husband of current President Katie Lee) to pick up a package it causes a whole lot of trouble. Stuart Woods is back with his latest novel Below The Belt (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; in stores Tuesday January 3rd).

Enjoying his new home in Santa Fe with Holly Baker (who has told to take a vacation) Stone gets a call from Will and is asked to meet with a former President and pick up and secure a package. It could contain information from a former spy that Will pardoned many years ago. Stone secures it but people soon show up looking for it. Stone and Holly bolt for his place in Maine to hide out and meet up with Ed Rawls (the man who put the contents in the briefcase and hides out in his home their).

While there they meet with Ed and find out he has everything backed up in a secret room. Stone is invited on to a yacht with a billionaire who is looking to back a third party independent candidate for the next Presidential election and who would do anything to get the contents of the briefcase. When things happen in Maine Stone, Holly and Ed head to New York. Stone lets Dino know what’s up and they investigate who is wanting the case. The more they dig, the more hidden secrets they find and it’s a race to expose the guilty parties before Ed is taken out.

Stone and Holly are also getting closer and Stone asks her about their future. Holly has a big decision to make.

It’s always fun to get the next Stone Barrington novel. It’s like catching up with old friends a couple of times a year. You know what you’re going to get and it’s something to look forward to!

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