Book Review: ‘While Beauty Slept’ From Elizabeth Blackwell Is A Good Old Fashioned Fairy Tale

Kings, Queens, Princesses and evil are the things good fairy tales are made of.

Elise Dalriss has a story. And it’s quite the story and life she’s led. She recounts the whole story in vivid detail, leaving nothing out. Her mother long ago worked at the castle but left because she got pregnant. Years later Elise has decided she will work at the castle and is hired on and quickly becomes the Queen’s companion.

There’s unrest in the kingdom as the queen has not produced a male heir to take over the throne. Family members are plotting to be next in line. When the queen finally gets with child everyone is excited until she has a girl. The king decides to break with tradition and name her his heir. It doesn’t sit well with his brother (who plots against him) or his aunt Millicent. She is of the black arts and some people think she’s a witch. She is soon banished from the kingdom, not before she can put out curses that have the queen panicked.

Over the years there’s war, revenge, romance, long held secrets and death. It’s up to Elise to try and save the kingdom from certain doom.

Elizabeth Blackwell has written a great fairy tale/romance/adventure novel that will keep you reading to the very last page!

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