Book Review: ‘Beautiful Secret’ Is Entertaining And Blushingly Crude

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Review by Ann McDonald

An uptight British Executive. An adventurous American Newbie. A Sexy International Scandal in the making.

Ruby Miller is a beautiful and bright, young engineer. She is working as an intern at one of London’s most prestigious firms. When she is told that she is going to New York with Niall Stella, the Chief Executive of Urban Planning, and at 6′ 6″, recently divorced and the hottest guy on the planet, she is speechless. She has adored and lusted after him for months so the two of them, together in New York? For a whole month? Oh my! The book is formatted as a one for you and one for me, we get Ruby one chapter and then Niall the next and it brings great balance to the overall story.

Niall is aware that Ruby is a beautiful woman but is totally clueless about how to approach her. There is some great humor throughout the book and humor well placed, makes for firgiveness when the storyline occasionally sags. It turns into a very funny romp and the book’s authors make a meal out of the reticent British guy. You know he is going to run away and that Ruby will take off after him in hot pursuit and he will catch her! I didn’t think that Urban Planning and Engineering could be made part of a sexy escapade like this but it works.

While Ruby is a California girl, she has never been to New York and we get a glimpse of the city through their eyes. We meet Niall’s brother and pals and they tell him, bluntly, not to let her get away. The love scenes are well done and the verbal interaction is blushingly crude at times. The gradual unraveling of Niall’s hangups is well worth the wait. It takes the entire book for Ruby to finally seduce and get her man with lots of drama thrown into the mix. ‘Beautiful Secret’ is a pleasant, sexy summer read and you will enjoy it. I did!

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Ann McDonald

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