Book Review: ‘Beasts Of Extraordinary Circumstance’ Is A Magical Adventure

From the moment Weylyn Grey was born strange things would happen with the weather. He has a special gift that no one can understand. Depending on his mood he can do things to the weather. He can also communicate with animals. He’s a special boy that few can understand.

After his parents were killed he was raised by wolves for a good part of his life. When he met Mary at age eleven (who would turn out to be the love of his life), she didn’t seem to care about his special powers. She ran off with him for a few weeks but then he left her and she wondered what happened to him. He was soon found and placed with a family in Oklahoma. His new family with the exception of one girl resented him. He made the best of the situation and was soon given to a teacher who live there and was moving away. He also one night stopped a tornado from coming and was able to restore electricity to his family when the whole town was out.

These are just a few of the adventures Weylyn went through. The book is told from people he met and loved him and he loved back. Adventures of stopping tornados and hurricanes. Of talking to his animal friends. And his deep love for Mary that spanned many years.

This is the debut novel of Ruth Emmie Lang and it is splendid! Weylyn Grey may be one of the best characters in years. He’s a really nice guy who just wants to do good things for people. His love story with Mary is one for the ages. He knows he’s different and he’s okay with that. The story lets your imagination run wild with excitement and you just root for Weylyn at every turn hoping he will find his true happiness.

It’s one of my favorite books of the year. You can pick up Beasts Of Extraordinary Circumstance in stores on Tuesday, November 7th from St. Martin’s Press.

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