Book Review: ‘Basil Instinct’ Is An Exceptionally Entertaining Read


Review by Ann McDonald

In this second cozy mystery series that started with ‘You Cannoli Die Once’, a chef and her cousins launch their own investigation when a new sous chef turns up dead in their Italian restaurant.

When Maria Pia Angelotta, now retired and the owner of the Italian restaurant Miracolo, receives an invitation to join a secret society called ‘Belfiere’, all hell breaks loose. This is such an honor that she is overwhelmed. Her granddaughter and chef, Eve Angelotta, who runs her restaurant along with various other relatives, have never heard of this society before and begin to worry for their grandmother. Eve and Landon, her cousin, decide to do some investigating and uncover that the society is over 200 years old and has many secrets.

Special Recipes, extra staff and a dinner for the society, begins the fun. When the new Sous Chef, Georgia Payne, shows up dead in the restaurant foyer, an hilarious episode of “find the body, lose the body and find the body” ensues. I am still smiling at the entire escapade. Shelley Costa is a very funny writer and she leads us a merry dance with enough red herrings to sink the Titanic. I love characters that come to life and they do, in this very humorous tale.

Costa must have some Irish blood in her somewhere because some of the throwaway comments came straight from my Irish granny. And like Costa says in the beginning of the book, “How bad can it be?” That’s when the Gods of the universe wake up from their heavenly slumbers and decide to have a great deal of sport at your expense. There are lots of highways and byways in this story and you will enjoy every journey. Buy the book, it is very highly recommended.

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Ann McDonald

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