Book Review: ‘Barefoot Beach’ Is A Fun Summer Read

Barefoot Beach by Toby Devens (NAL Trade Paperback Original; in stores July 5) is a fun book to take to the beach or just sit outside and read. Warning it will make you want to go to the beach!

It’s that time of the year again when it’s time to go to the beach for three months. For three close friends that means Tuckahoe, Maryland. They’ve been doing it for many years. Nora, Margo and Emine are as close as sisters.

This summer they each have things going on in their lives. Nora is still thinking about her late husband Lon (a somewhat successful author). She decides after seven years to read his last novel that he wrote. She decides it’s good and gives it to his agent for possible publication. She has also found out she has lost her job. Her son Jack is going to Duke and that is not cheap. She thinks about selling the summer beach house to help pay for school as she looks for another job. Jack is nineteen and the product of artificial insemination (Lon wasn’t able to have kids). Jack has know about this and has decided this is the year he wants to meed his real dad (even though he considers Lon to be his dad). Nora isn’t crazy about the idea but understands it. She also resumes a friendship with Scott (a man from the dance class she teaches how was married).

Margo thinks her husband is cheating on her and is obsessed with finding out the truth. Emine has a sixteen year old daughter who’s driving her crazy.

This is the summer that these three women have to deal with. As the summer progresses they are there to support and help each other through everything that is going on in there lives. It’s a heart warming, fun read that reminds you that you can always count on friends and the beach.

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