Book Review: ‘Bad Moon Rising: A Bad Axe County Novel’ By John Galligan

A lot is happening in Bad Axe for Sheriff Heidi Kick. The summer is incredibly hot so far. She thinks she might be pregnant. She’s up for re-election and her opponent is waging a visious battle against her. And a dead body turns up of a homeless man. Then more bodies turn up. One of her twin sons is acting up. And now she has murderers to solve. Then her trusted friend, former news editor Fanta goes missing. Heidi is getting e-mails from a mysterious source with opp research on her opponenet. And then things come to a head. Her son takes off during a 4-H trip and is picked up by the one man he doesn’t want to be around. It leads to a madman holding him hostage and Heidi having to save him and her town from this man before it’s too late.

Another solid novel in the Bax Axe series. Heidi Kick is a strong female character and these novels are always well-written and keep the readers engaged throughout the story.

You can pick up Bad Moon Rising in stores on Tuesday, June 29th from Atria.

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