Book Review: ‘Autopsy: A Scarpetta Novel’ By Patricia Cornwell

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

The newest book in the Scarpetta series finds Dr. Kay Scarpetta is now the chief medical officer for the commonwealth of Virginia. But she finds she’s not all that welcome here and things that don’t add up. Not long after she takes the job she’s call to the scene of a horrific murder of a young woman. She is determined to find the person resposible for the murder and soon she gets to close to the truth. She also becomes part of commission that has to help two scientists that are in space and in trouble and she needs to figure out what’s happening. She has here hands full and her life in jeopardy. This is her first new book in the series in five years and it’s a welcome comeback for Dr. Kay and for author Patricia Cornwell, who never disappoints with her books. Hopefully it won’t be another five years.

You can pick up Autopsy in stores on Tuesday, November 30th from William Morrow.