Book Review: ‘At The Quiet Edge: A Novel’ By Victoria Helen Stone

Lily Browwn ahd her 12 year son live in an apartment at a storage facility in a small Kansas town. She lives a quiet life, trying to put her past behind her. Her ex-husband is on the run after stealing money from clients. Everett isn’t allowed a cellphone and has an old computer to play games. He roams around the facility and finds units unlocked and looks inside and sometimes takes small things. In one unit he finds a board with pictures of missing girls and starts to investigate the owner and what happened to the girls. Lily has secrets of her own, as she helps women escape their bad situations in town. And someone is watching Lily and facility waiting to strike. And when Lily meets a new man, who owns the unit that Everett is looking into, it puts Everett on edge. And when the mysterious person strikes, an unlikely hero will emerge. A solid thriller with good characters, a cool setting and twists and turns to keep the reader engaged throughout.

You can pick up At The Quiet Edge in stores on Tuesday, May 1st from Lake Union Publishing.

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