Book Review: ‘Assassins Anonymous: A Novel’ By Rob Hart

by | May 20, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores on Tuesday, June 11th from Putnam. Click on the link to buy a copy.

Mark was an assassin known worldwide for years, but not anymore. About a year ago he got out of the killing business, started going to Assassins Anonymous meetings, with other former killers, based on what AA does for alcoholics. At the end of the meeting while he’s cleaning up, a Russian hitman attacks him, stabs him, and takes his notebook, which has coded information. Mark wants to find this guy, and figure out who is after him, it could be almost anyone given his past. It takes him to Singapore, London, and back to New York, and in the process he figures out who the guy is, what he wants, and is betrayed by a number of people. But they have awakened the Pale Horse, his code name, and they may just be sorry for that. Author Rob Hart (The Warehouse, The Paradox Hotel) has written another great novel. The characters (including P. Kitty), the story, and the backstories are top notch, and this novel is one you don’t want to put down. One of the top books of the year.