Book Review: ‘Artemis’ By Andy Weir

Andy Weir hit it big with his debut novel The Martian in 2014. It was a smash hit and one of my all time favorite books and was made into a movie by 20th Century Fox (not quite as good as the book). Now he’s back with his next book Artemis, this time set on the Moon.

A new world has been built on the moon where people now live or can visit from earth. It’s enclosed by dome bubbles that keep the oxygen and air circulating to keep everyone safe. Like any major city there’s the rich part, the middle-class and the poor. Shops, restaurants and jobs are plenty here. Hardly any crime with one law enforcement guy named Rudy.

The story is set around 26 year old Jasmine Bashara (Jazz for short), who has lived there since she was six with her dad. She had a falling out with him in her teens and their relationship is strained. She has been fending for herself since then. Artemis has currency called slugs, which you get from working or various other ways. You pay for everything with a Gizmo (there form of cellphone).

Jasmine has been working as a porter (delivery person) and makes just enough slugs to get by. She dreams of hitting it rich and has been smuggling things into Artemis, working with an a guy in Kenya she met via e-mail. With the right bribes she has been able to stay one step ahead of the law (Rudy suspects her).

Jazz’s live is about to change when one of her rich clients makes her an offer to good to refuse. It will take a lot of cunning and if caught she will be deported back to earth. When things go wrong, a murder is unleashed and Jazz is target, she must fight for her life and also help stop a conspiracy to stop Artemis from being taken over by the mob.

If you base this novel on reading The Martian it may be a bit of a let down. If you can separate it from that book. it’s a good, interesting futuristic story of life on the moon. The characters are awesome, Jazz and especially the character of Svoboda (a geek with no women skills) is hilarious and one of favorite characters from any book I have read this year. Andy Weir’s sharp wit is once again in play and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud at times as I did.

Artemis is available in stores on Tuesday, November 14 from Crown.

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