Book Review: ‘Apprentice In Death’ Is Another Great Eve Dallas Thriller

Eve Dallas returns in what could be here most perplexing case yet. People are being picked off for what seems like no reason. It’s a rush against time to stop this sniper before more innocent people die. She pulls in every cop, every available resource at her disposal to find this killer.

Thanks to some technology from her brilliant husband Roarke, the force is able to track down the areas the shots have come from. The killer seems to be one step ahead of them each time. As they research the victims and find a common thread, it leads to one suspect. And that suspect hits close to home.

J.D. Robb has written another great thriller that has Eve on the edge her chair trying to figure this out. All the usual people are back including her cat!

You can pick up Apprentice In Death (Berkley; in stores Tuesday, September 6)

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