Book Review: ‘Animal Instinct’ Is The Next Fun K Team/Andy Carpenter Novel From David Rosenfelt

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

The K Team is back for its second novel and in the thick of it. Corie, Laurie, Simon the dog and Marcus are working a few cases when Corey gets word that Lisa Yates has been murdered. Before he left the force he worked a domestic violence call involving her but she refused to admit or press any charges and now he feels guilty. He decides to investigate it along with the K Team. They start checking into her ex’s life and it ruffles some feathers. Then Corey is set up for murder and arrested. Enter Andy Carpenter as his lawyer and it’s on. The investigation intensifies and the murder victim count ramps up. Then we go to trial and Andy will have to work his magic to get Corey off on murder charges.

This is a solid follow up to the first novel and it’s really a co-story book with a lot of Andy Carpenter involvement, which is never a bad thing. These characters are so well-written (especially Marcus) and the stories are always fun and easy to read.

You can pick up Animal Instinct in stores on Tuesday, April 6th from Minotaur Books.