Book Review: ‘Angels Burning’

New York Times and Oprah Book Club author Tawni O’Dell is back with her latest Angels Burning (Gallery Books; January 5).

Fifty year old police chief Dove Carnahan has lived her whole live in a small rural town. Not much usually happens here. When a girl’s body (Camio Truly) is found burned in a sinkhole, the search is on to find the killer. Her family is a redneck band of criminals and thugs.

With no clear suspects Dove and the state police start their investigation. All roads lead to Camio’s boyfriend and her family. The more digging they do, the more family secrets they learn.

Compounding issues is a return to town of the man Dove and her sister sent to prison for the killing of their mother. Their testimony put him away. He claims he was innocent and will clear his name. Dove’s brother, who she hasn’t seen in 25 years suddenly shows up with a son and proceeds to take off, leaving the boy.

With a murder to solve, a nephew to look after and personal demons from the past it’s a tough time for Dove. She works hard and when she gets a couple of breaks is able to figure out the murder and come to terms with her past, so she can have a future.

A fun mystery with well written characters and some twists and turns you don’t see coming. Hopefully there will be more Dove Carnahan books.

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