Book Review: ‘And Then You Were Gone’ By R.J. Jacobs Asks The Question What Happened To Paolo?

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Emily Firestone hasn’t had an easy life. She lost her father to a virus when she was younger. She has bipolar disease but not a bad version of it. She’s on medication to control it. She now has a good job at the department of children services, her own place and mom who lives nearby. She also has Paolo who she loves. He works for a lab trying to find a cure for the virus that killed her father and many others.

They are going away for a weekend on the water. Paolo has a boat and they going out fishing. Emily is nervous as she can’t swim and isn’t a fan of the water. They head out and have a fun night drinking and being together. She takes her medicine and wakes up in the morning. Paolo is not in bed. He’s no where on the boat. Not seen in the water. Emily freaks and takes the boat back to shore and calls the police. There’s not sign of him and Emily is questioned. He is presumed missing. Emily is freaking out and questioned more by the police.

A funeral is planed for him and Emily has had a few drinks and gets into a car crash on the way, ends up in the hospital with injuries, loses her job and has to move back in with her mother. When her friend offers her an office across from him to open her own business she jumps at the chance. Then Sandy calls and wants an appointment. She worked with Paolo and has uncovered some stuff that one of her co-workers Matt has and feels there is something going on and maybe Paolo was murdered. Emily teams up with Cal (Paolo’s best friend) who didn’t like Emily much. They start their own investigation and soon they learn more than they thought. It also puts their lives in jeopardy in a climatic reveal and just when it seems all is lost a mysterious person saves the day.

This is author R.J. Jacob’s debut novel and it is a stellar, pysholicagal thriller with twists and turns you don’t see coming. You want to keep reading this page-turning story right till the very end. Author R.J. Jacobs is one to what in the years to come.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, March 12th from Crooked Lane Books.