Book Review: ‘And By Fire: A Novel’ By Evie Hawtrey

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Detective Inspector Nigella Parker has been called to the scene of a fire. Not a big one but a fire none the less. She has a fear of fires but also a talent for solving them. Someone has set fire to a wooden figure of a man outside of the same location as the great fire of 1666 in London and we see via a duel timeline that the Queens maid Margaret Dove thinks the fire then was set by a mad arsonist. And then another fire is set. As she and her partner investigate clues lead to the case in 1666 that was never solved. Are these two cases related and will Nigella be able to solve this present day case and will it also solve the past? A solid mystery that makes good use of the two different eras and tying them together. The characters are well-written and easy to follow and mystery keeps the reader engaged.

You can pick up And By Fire in stores on Tuesday, May 10th from Crooked Lane.