Book Review: ‘Anatomy Of A Scandal’ By Sarah Vaughan Makes You Question Everything You Believe

Do we really ever know the ones we love? Sophie has that question to ask now that her husband has admitted to an affair with Olivia and has been arrested for possible rape of her. He ended the affair a few weeks before and then they were in a lift and things got out of control. He claims it was consensual. Olivia claims she told him to stop. Who’s telling the truth? It’s a he/said she said situation.

Kate is the lawyer who is prosecuting the case for Olivia. She has her case all set to go and knows it will be tough. She’s a sterling lawyer with a great reputation. She also has personal issues ever since college. She also has a shocking connection to Sophie and James that she has kept hidden and she knows she could be in trouble if it comes out.

As the trial takes place Sophie questions everything she knows about her husband and her life. Did she every really know James? Through flashbacks to their time in college we learn shocking secrets that have long since been buried. Will they stay that way?

A good start to the new year with this exceptional story with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s what I like to call a page-turner. Author Sarah Vaughan doesn’t take sides and shows everyone’s point of views until the shocking conclusion of the story.

You can pick up Anatomy Of A Scandal in stores on Tuesday, January 23rd from Atria.

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