Book Review: ‘An Extravagant Death: A Charles Lenox Mystery’ By Charles Finch

by | Jan 28, 2021 | TV | 0 comments

Having finished his 3 book prequel series on the young life of Charles Lenox, author Charles Finch is back with the next fun novel in the series. Fast forward to 1878 and Charles is married to Lady Jane with two young daughters. He served in Parliment for a few years but is not back to private detective work with his own agency. He just solved a big case with crooked cops in Scotland Yard. And now he’s asked to leave the country to avoid the trial and the scandal that comes with it. He’s asked to go to America and work with police agentcies, on behalf of the Queen. At first he doesn’t want to go but does go. He finds New York so different from London. And on his way to Boston he’s stopped and asked to come to the rich city of Newport, RI, where a murder of a rich debutante has accured. He’s asked to help solve it. He’s well known from his reputation in England and is soon on the case looking for the murderer. And it might be someone close to him and his life is soon and danger and he may never make it back to his family in London.

Another solid story in the series. A lot has happened from the last book (before the prequel series) and we have a lot of new character development. The Charles Lenox series is always enjoyable and this one delivers like all the others.

You can pick up An Extravagant Death in stores on Tuesday, February 16th from Minotaur Books.