Book Review: ‘An Easy Death (Gunnie Rose)’ Is The Next Exciting Charlaine Harris Novel

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Charlaine Harris is the author of great books. Of course there was True Blood and Midnight, Texas and now she has written a new book that looks to be the start of a new series. An Easy Death features a great new character in Lizbeth ‘Gunnie’ Rose and is set in a time where the United States has all but collapsed and it’s a totally new world, which now includes magic.

Lizbeth lives in the southwestern county of Texoma. The country is now divided after the assassination of FDR and the depression. Canada has taken some of it, England has taken some, Russia has some and then the United States has what is left of mostly the east/south. Lizbeth is a hired Gunnie, who helps protect people and things on the move to other areas from bandits and bad guys. She’s got a reputation as one of the best shots or Gunnies as they’re called. When her team is killed on a job, she’s the only one left. She makes it back home and has to figure out what to do next.

When two Russian Wizards or as they’re known as grigoris, come calling for her help, she finds it hard to turn them down. They need to go to a small border town near Mexico to find a man that could help find a cure for their leader in the Russia part of the United States that they now have (California and Oregon). It’s a dangerous mission as all along the way there are people people trying to stop them with guns and magic. Weird magical things happen and Gunnie has to be alert and on the mark. She’s also hiding a secret from her employers that could cause problems. It ends up coming to a final showdown where lives will be lost and could also be the end of Gunnie.

Another great story from Charlaine with magical fun characters, an interesting premise and great storytelling. Gunnie is a character you root for and look forward to reading more adventures with.

The book is in stores now.