Book Review: ‘An Act Of Villainy’ Is The Next Is The Next Fun Milo And Amory Ames Adventure

Ashley Weaver is back with her fifth installment of hew very fun Amory Ames series. This time it takes place in the theater and involves her friends Gerard Holloway and his wife Georgina. Gerard is a rich man and in is producing a new play that stars his mistress and star of the show Flora Bell. The rumors have circulating for some time now that they are an item. Gerard asks Milo and Amory for help when he reveals that Flora has been getting threatening letters.

Never one to shy away from a mystery Amory and Milo are on the case. When Flora is found dead on opening night, they team up with the police to start an investigation. They interview all the cast members, Gerard and Georgina and find surprising secrets. Still nothing to lead to who is the murderer. When Amory starts getting too close to who might be have done it her life is put in danger. And of all people to help break the case, her mother (who is more than a handful) may have helped solved it without even knowing. A grand finale is staged and the murderer is reveal in a grand way.

A very enjoyable story with fun characters in Amory, Milo and her mother. Set it London time of 1933 it’s a good look at the time period and what being part of society was like in that day. If you’re a fan of good old-fashion murder mystery this is the book for you.

You can pick up An Act Of Villainy in stores on Tuesday, September 4 from Minotaur Books.

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