Book Review: ‘Almost Missed You’ Is One Mother’s Nightmare Which Reveals A Lot Of Secrets

Violet and Finn and their child Bear are on vacation at the beach where the two first met by chance. Violet is enjoying the sun while Bear and Finn return to the room for a nap. When Violet goes to the room, she finds them gone (all trace of them). She has no idea what is going on. She tries calling him and calls the police and FBI. He has gone underground. The worse thing that can happen to a mother has happened.

Caitlin who is best friends with Finn and with Violet via the marriage is in for a shock when she finds Finn at her place. She’s ready to turn him in when he blackmails her for keys to a remote cottage for him to figure out things. She has a big secret that could destroy her family. Caitlin reluctantly agrees. Soon she decides to go to the cottage and try to get Bear away and back to his mother. The showdown at the cabin results in a potential tragedy and the reveal of long held secrets.

The story is told in real time and via flashbacks so all story points are revealed and we know the who, what and where of everything. Jessica Strawser has written an intense, character driven story with some cool twists and turns that looks at the complexities of marriage and secrets (which will always come out).

Almost Missed You is available in stores now.

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