Book Review: ‘Almost Just Friends: A Novel’ By Jill Shalvis

by | Jan 12, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Piper Manning has just turned thirty. She’s an EMT in Wildstone, California. She loves to write in her journal and make lists. She has recently broken up with her boyfriend when she couldn’t commit fully. She has a brother and sister, Gavin and Winnie, who she helped raise after their parents died and then their grandparents. They were left their house and guests houses. Piper is renovating both and then plans to sell them, give money to her brother and sister and then go back to school.

Then she meets Cam, a 32 year old hunk, who works for the DEA and Coast Guard. Their’s an immediate attraction and then she finds out he’s the son of her neighbor who runs the Marina. But not all is well in her world. Gavin and Winner both show up at home, with secrets they need to share with Piper, but each is afraid to confess right away. They know how Piper is and are afraid to tell her. Cam and Piper also get close and it starts to freak her out. Cam also has secrets of his own as well as knowing Winnie’s secret, that he’s keeping from Piper.

As the story moves on and all the secrets come out, it leaves everyone especially Piper wondering what is next. Can they all move forward and forget the past and truly be a family? Can Piper let down her guard and try and make a future with Cam?

Author Jill Shalvis is once again on the top of her game with this heart-warming story of a family that loves each other but can’t communicate well with each other. The characters stories are engaging and you root for each of them to put their pasts behind them and be able to move forward together.

You can pick up Almost Just Friends in stores on Tuesday, January 21st from William Morrow.