Book Review: ‘All The Difference’ Looks At Both Sides Of A Decision

Yes or No is a decision people make everyday. A look at both sides of the decision makes for an interesting read. In her debut novel All The Difference(Berkley Trade Paperback Original in stores Tuesday, September 1) Leah Ferguson does just that.

It’s New Years Eve and Scott has decided he’s going to ask Molly to marry him. They’ve been together for a few years now and he feels this is the time. Their relationship hasn’t always been smooth but he loves her.

Molly has just discovered she’s pregnant hours before the party. She hasn’t had time to process it, let alone tell Scott or anyone else. At the party she’s a bit distracted but doesn’t let on to anyone. At the stroke of midnight Scott gets down on one knee and takes out a ring and proposes. This is where the book gets interesting.

Each chapter after the first rotates between yes and no. What each scenario was depending on her answer to the question. It’s an interesting approach and it works. You see her living two different lives and yet when you finish it seems like it was one (don’t want to spoil anything with the outcome of the answer).

Leah does a good job looking at both sides of the question and how Molly’s life would turn out either way. You can pick up All The Difference in stores on Tuesday, September 1.

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