Book Review: ‘All In (The Bod Squad Series Book 2)’ Is Campy Fun

bod squad

Review by Ann McDonald

“Stop the wedding!” No bride wants to hear those words, least of all Susannah “Legs” Carter, one of the Bod Squad’s best agents. But when her colleague Jackson bursts in with news that her presumed-dead father may still be alive—and possibly a double agent—the vows are on hold and the Bod Squad hits the road.

This is a quick read on the train, it is not designed to work your brain cells but if you’re into fabulous gear and well-made handsome men and gorgeous girls, all members of the Bod Squad, then this little romp is for you.

The story opens at Susannah and Chad’s wedding. The bride is beautiful and the groom handsome when suddenly a password is given and the wedding is off. Susannah’s father, dead for sixteen years, has apparently resurfaced and is in dire need of rescue. Oh joy and bliss, we are all taken to various locales around the globe and wouldn’t you know it, a nuclear bomb is set to go off in D.C. and it’s the Bod Squad to the rescue!

If the story sounds juvenile, it is and the only reason it’s not on the kids shelf is the couple of explicit love scenes, designed to help you close your eyes to the awful gaps in the story. No doubt there will be a third book in the series. If you’re getting ready to go on a journey or trip, this will happily pass the time.

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Ann McDonald

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