Book Review: ‘All I Want: A Novel’ By Darcey Bell

Author Darcey Bell (A Simple Favor) has witten a psychological thriller that starts off strong and never lets up. Not everything is as it seems and a twisty, shocking ending makes you say wow. Emma and Ben live in New York City and are expecting their first child. Ben is a Broadway show producer, who just hit it big with his play. He also has money he inherited from his Dad. He wants to move out of the city and get a house and finds what he thinks is the perfect place outside of the city. It’s a large Victorian mansion, with a home theater, that use to be a place for the rich and famous to go and dry out. It needs a lot of work and they both fall in love with it. As soon as they get there Emma starts to experience strange things. She finds a book in the attic that details one young girls life in the house. Emma is soon convinced that things are not good in her marriage and that Ben is cheating. Then Emma sees something shocking and starts to put the pieces together but it may be too late for her now and her life and that of her babies are in jeopardy when she figures out the shocking truth (but is it the truth)?

You can pick up All I Want in stores on Tuesday, January 11th from Atria.

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