Book Review: ‘Alert’ Is Another Fun Michael Bennett Novel

Michael Bennett is back and it’s up to him to save his beloved New York City.

James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge have written the next chapter to NYPD cop Michael Bennett and his family. Back from a trip in Ireland to help sell Mary Catherine sell property, Michael is suddenly forced into a 9/11 type situation when the city is under attack. When explosions and buildings start being blown up the whole city is under high alert. These are no ordinary bombers. With today’s technological advances the bombers are able to carry out their plans with a simple cell phone and drones.

When a formal demand comes in the police and FBI get their first big break and have to rush off to a tiny island off the coast of South Africa in order to save the whole eastern seaboard from a tsunami attack being hatched. It’s a race against time to stop the plan and catch the people responsible.

This is Michael Bennett where talking about and he will not be deterred in his efforts to save the city and beat the bad guys.

Another action packed book full of adventure, destruction and family in that classic James Patterson style. Available in stores now.

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