Book Review: ‘After Sundown’ Is A Really Enjoyable Novel

Ben Jennigan lives in the mountains of a small Tennessee city. He lives a solitude life. He’s ex-marine and just goes about his business. Sela Gordon lives in town and runs the small general store. They are each attracted to each other but just pass in the store whenever he goes to get supplies or gas.

Now things are changing. Ben gets word that a major solar storm is about to hit the earth. Power, communications and everything else we take for granted will be knocked out for who knows how long. Ben stocks up on everything he can get and warns Sela ahead of time about it. It’s hours away before the government will announce it happening. Sela, her aunt and her daughter start stocking up as well. When word gets out everyone makes their plans and a committee is formed for the town and how to proceed. It’s a small town and everyone wants to work together and help each other. Ben does not go to the meeting.

At first things go okay but as the days go by they learn big cities have been looted and people moving from place to place looking for things. The town has a security force that patrols and Ben starts coming down and watching over his neighbors and Sela. They finally decide to talk about their attraction and do something about it. But danger is around the corner and Ben and the town must act together to save lives before it’s too late.

I loved this book. The story of the town coming together is heart-warming and you root for the characters to survive this crisis and for Ben and Sela to hopefully get together. These people take for granted everyday necessities and the way they come together is great. The story starts off fast and never lets up with the reader engaged throughout.

You can pick up After Sundown in stores on Tuesday, March 31st from William Morrow.

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