Book Review: ‘Adult Assembly Required: A Novel’ By Abbi Waxman

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Laura Costello has moved to Los Angeles to finish her education, to get away from her family, ex-fiancee and a bad car crash. And things start going downhill from the time she gets there. Her apartment building has a fire and know she’s homeless with no stuff. As she’s walking around a massive rainstorm hits and she gets drenched. She steps into the bookstore of Nina Hill (from the previous great novel The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill) and her life changes for the better. She’s offered a place to stay and meets great new people at the house where she will be living, including the hunky Bob. They fall for each other but don’t want to admit it (everyone else sees it though). We follow along with this houseful of quicky, interesting characters and Nina and follow them along from day to day, in only the way that Abbi Waxman can write a book. And this book is Great! Abbi has become on of my favorite writers of character-drivin novels and this is a great book to kick off your Spring reading season.

You can pick up Adult Assembly Required in stores on Tuesday, May 17th from Berkley.