Book Review: ‘Act Of Murder: A Doc Brady Mystery’ By John Bishop M.D.

The debut novel from author John Bishop M.D. is a solid beginning to a new series featuring the character of Doc Jim Bob Brady and his awesome wife Mary Louise (who is the star of the book). The characters are well-written and the story is a solid mystery.

The story is set in Houston in the year 1994. Doc hears and sees an accident in the back of his yard. Someone has been hit by a car and the driven has taken off. Doc is worried that it is his wife Mary Louise but it is the neighbor’s 10 year old son. Doc tries to help him but it’s too late.

Jim Bob can’t leave it alone and starts to dig into the boys death and that of a similar boy of the same age. He soon learns that there’s more to these two boys than meets the eye. He gets his 20 year old college son to help (he is a hacker) and soon learns the truth about who killed the child and why. Hint it involves a large amount of money.

Hopefully there will be more Doc Brady books in the future. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, March 24th.

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