Book Review: ‘Act Of Betrayal: A Will Cochrane Novel’ May Be The Best Action Thriller This Year

This was my first time reading one of Matthew Dunn’s Will Cochrane novels and it won’t be my last. Act Of Betrayal (in stores Tuesday, October 24; William Morrow) is an action, thrill ride from the very beginning. It reels you in and won’t let you put it down until the very end.

Will Cochrane has gone to ground a year ago. He’s presumed dead after jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. He was wanted for multiple murders that he didn’t kill. He’s been laying low in Chicago owning a book store. But now things have changed. Three years ago he was involved in a top secret killing a of German that only 4 people knew about. He took the kill shot.

Things never stay hidden for long and now one of the people involved in that operation is back and looking to take out those involved that day. Will has gotten an emergency e-mail asking him to meet Fox who was part of it. When they meet someone has injected Fox with a deadly poison and before he can give Will all the details he needs he asks Will to kill him (the poison is slowly doing that). It’s caught on video and comes to the attention of the FBI’s Marsha Gage, who never believe Will was dead and is obsessed with finding him.

Now it comes down to a game of cat and mouse. The FBI has put together a team of four and the CIA in conjunction with someone in the White House has put together a team as well to find Will and the person targeting the original group of four from Berlin.

But Will is no fool and he is always one step ahead. He knows what he needs to do and who he needs to find in order to put the Berlin situation behind him and also clear his name. Will is a SuperHero! He can out fight, outwit and outsmart just about every. Cross James Bond with Jason Bourne and you have Will.

The question is who will blink first. Will has laid out a clear plan that depends on a number of factors working out. With time running out it all comes to a head with a shocking twist you don’t see coming!!

If you’ve never read one of these books before (I hadn’t) no worries. It’s written in a way that you can easily follow. Until I read up on Matthew I didn’t know this was a series of books. Author Matthew Dunn worked for M16 in Britain so he knows about what he writes. Here’s hoping Hollywood picks up this series of books.

This is one of my books of the year. So pick it up on Tuesday, October 24th and see if I am right.

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