Book Review: ‘The Accident’ Is A Fast Paced, Twist A Minute From Chris Pavone

The second novel from Chris Pavone is an action, packed, twist a minute. His first novel was published in 2012 and drew high praise from people like John Grisham and Patricia Cornwell.

When a mysterious manuscript arrives at the office of Isabel Reed, it sets in motion a chain of events from New York to Zurich of murder, deceit and secrets from a man that could bring down the government of the United States.

Isabel is need of a big find to be published. Having gone through personal issues in the past few years (and the book tells her back story), he work has been suffering. She gets a manuscript left for her with no name and only an e-mail to contact the person. It’s an explosive tell all about a powerful man that could bring down powerful people. Forces don’t want this book published and track down anyone that has seen the book. Secret alliances have been made and by the end of the book many people have died. Isabel is in for the fight of her life and the people she thinks she can trust may not be trustworthy at all. A twist at the end of the book ties everything up nicely.

This is an excellent book. With twists, turns and things you don’t see coming, you won’t be able to put the book down. Available in stores now.

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