Book Review: ‘A Whisker Of A Doubt: A Cat Cafe Mystery’ By Cate Conte

It’s Christmas in New England and that means the House of Purrs is getting ready. For Maddie James it’s a mixed bad. She has recentnly broken up with her boyfriend (at least she thinks she has) and business is slow this time of year. She is also busy along with a couple of others in feeding a feral cat colony in the woods outside a rich neighborhood. Some of the people living here don’t like the cats and want them gone. A few are okay and let Maddie go through their yards to feed them.

Then a resident Virgil Proust is found murdered and the suspicion falls on Katrina Denning, who helps feed the cats, and she is soon arrested for the murder and claims she’s innocent. So now Maddie is on the case to prove she didn’t do it and find the real killer.

These cat cafe books are fun to read and is a good message about feral cats. Maddie and her crew try to capture them and at least get them fixed thanks to a local vet.

You can pick up A Whisker Of A Doubt in stores on Tuesday, December 1st from St. Martin’s Minotaur.

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