Book Review: ‘A Very Merry Bromance: A Novel’ By Lyssa Kay Adams

by | Nov 6, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Country music superstar Colton Wheeler has had his share of women over the years, but Gretchen Winthrop has really gotten under his skin. They have a one-night stand at the wedding of his friend Mac, and then Gretchen leaves and has no interest in anything more. A year later, she’s back in his life, trying to get him to be a spokesman for her families’ whiskey. He will listen to her in exchange for three dates. They’re hitting it off, and he learns about her dysfunctional family and still wants in. They become a couple and hang out with their friends, and his bromance group (a bunch of guys who get together to read romance novels and are best friends). Getting Gretchen to break down her issues lead to love between them, until a shocking event with her brother changes everything, and now it’s time for Colton to win her back. The fifth book in the bromance series is another great novel. If you’ve never read one of these novels, you should start right away. They’re so well-written and witty and a lot of fun.

You can pick up A Verry Merry Bromance in stores on Tuesday, November 1st from Berkley.