Book Review: ‘A Theory Of Love (A Novel)’ Looks At One Couples Relationship

by | May 3, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Love sometimes just isn’t enough to keep two people together. In A Theory Of Love, in stores Tuesday, May 8th from Ecco/Harper Collins, author Margaret Bradham Thornton looks at this issue as the center of her story.

The last thing Helen Gibbs, a British journalist and Christopher Delavaux were looking for was a relationship and love. Both were in Mexico on the coast in Bermeja, for different reasons. She was on assignment and he was on vacation before starting his new finance business. The first time he saw her he was smitten. Chris is one of those guys who knows how to play it cool and work it right.

Soon she is smitten as well and start dating. Turns out his business is being run from London as well so they start dating, fall in love and soon move in together. They both travel a lot and sometimes are away from each other for days. Chris is also a guy who doesn’t like to talk a lot about his past and this drives Helen crazy. Still they end up getting married and seem to be happy. But Helen soon learns that she doesn’t know much about him and he’s hard to open up about things. And with Chris working a lot and finding out that his business partner may be shady it causes issues in their relationship as he starts slipping away from her.

So the ultimate question being asked is love enough? Do you really know the person you fall in love with? And can you get someone to change their ways? The story looks at all of these points in a realistic way that could effect any couple that dates/marries and drifts apart. Is there away to save a relationship if you realize it may not be save-able.

You can judge for yourself on May 8th!