Book Review: ‘A Tale Of Two Princes: A Novel’ By Eric Geron

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Prince Edward Dinnissen is 17, living in New York, and going to school. He’s going to graduate soon, and at become 18, and named heir to the Canadian thrown. He’s also gay, and in the closet. Billy Boone is 17, lives in Montana, helps run his families ranch, and is gay, out, and proud. He gets an audition with Julliard, and goes to New York with his best Pax. He’s late to the audition because he over-slept, and traffic due to an event with Edward. When he gets mistaken for the Prince, he soon learns that they are twin brothers, separated at birth by a hospital mistake. Since Billy is older, he’s to be the heir, and this makes Edward mad. Billy is thrown into the royal world, but keeps making mistakes, announces that he’s gay, and Edward is working against him. When Billy is deemed unworthy, and returns to Montana, but Edward decides he is worthy, and together they start a campaign to get him the throne. But shocking secrets emerge, and it will take the two of them together to change how the royal family will go forward. A fun, twisty, and culturally relevant novel, with some good lol moments, and a solid story to entertain you.

You can pick up A Tale Of Two Princes in stores on Tuesday, January 10th.