Book Review: ‘A Stranger In Town’ Is The Next Thrilling Rockton Novel By Kelley Armstrong

Book number six in the Rockton series finds the body of a woman in the woods outside of the small remote town, along with a dead body. For Detective Casey Duncan and her husband Sheriff Eric Dalton it’s a mystery. Lately the town has gotten smaller and people are not being able to stay after their time is up. As they begin their investigation, the little they can get from the woman is a wild man attacked them. Could it be the work of the hostiles or the settlements that reside in the wilds? Then more bodies are found, a former resident shows up, a councilwoman shows up in town and more dead bodies. Soon Casey and Eric put the pieces together and learn some history of Rockton and what is going on now in town. What they learn is disturbing and it could mean the end of the town as we know it.

These Rockton novels are always so well-written. With its unique setting in this mysterious town in the Yukon, interesting characters you get to follow from book to book and stories that keep you engaged. There’s a great part of the novel where 3 bears and our lead characters have a stand-off, so intensely written, it keeps you on pins and needles. I am looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

You can pick up A Stranger In Town in stores Tuesday, February 9th from Minotaur Books.

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