Book Review: ‘A Story Of Violet Taffeta: A Novel’ By Tessa Arlen

I had never heard of Lucy Duff Gordon before I read this book. This is why I love historical fiction novels, I learn something new each time I read one. This is a great look at the life of Lucy, how she went from being poor, to launching an empire of her own. Fans of historical fiction will love this one. Lucy’s rich husband leaves her for another woman and she has no money of her own to raise her daughter and keep her house. She has always been a fan of fashion, making dresses for her dolls growing up. She puts that talent to work and starts a fashion empire and soon becomes the talk of the town, everyone wants her to design for her. And as the years go by she becomes more well known. Then she meets a new man and gets married. Then she takes the Titanic to New York and is one of the lucky to survive. This is her story and is a great summer read.

You can pick up A Story Of Violet Taffeta in stores on Tuesday, July 5th from Berkley.

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