Book Review: ‘A Small Town’ Is An Early Candidate For One Of The Best Novels Of The Year

The small town of Weldonville, Colorado doesn’t have a lot. Like most small towns it gets by. When it was chosen for a prison it helped the town out a lot. A plot is underway with 12 prisoners to escape. It’s a very good plan that’s worked out on every level and now it’s time to put the plan in motion.

During the night shift they start and soon they have overthrown the guards and killed them. They have taken their clothes, money, cellphones and cars and have opened the whole prison so everyone can escape. Well over a thousand inmates are house here. But these 12 are the main ones that escape successfully. They go into town, rape wives and women and burn half the town down. The local police try to stop them as best they can but they’re heavy casualties. Most of the prisoners are captured or never left the prison and now two years later these 12 are still on the loose with no luck in finding them.

For Leah Hawkins, a cop in town, she has decided it’s time to find them and take care of them. She forms a plan to chase them down on her own and only the Mayor and City Attorney know what she’s really going to do. She’s given some money that was granted to the town and she soon goes on the hunt.

Leah is good at what she does. She reads every little thing she can about each of the inmates and starts tracking them down one by one. She goes all over the country from Florida to New York to California and to the South. And when some of the inmates find out someone is after them, they decide to try and fight back, only pissing Leah off more. Leah will not rest until she has taken each one of them down for good.

This book is GREAT! The character of Lean Hawkins is bad-ass. She’s a very strongly written character who knows what she’s doing. The story starts off fast and never lets up. The story engages the reader and I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. Bravo to author Thomas Perry for a great book.

You can pick up A Small Town in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from The Mysterious Press.

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