Book Review: ‘A Simple Choice: A Novel’ By David Pepper

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

A thrilling novel that starts off fast and never lets up. A well-respected Senator from Maine, parks his vehicle on the top of a hill over-looking a lighthouse and the ocean, ties a bag of rocks to himself and takes his own life. This brings CNN reporter Palmer Knight to the story and he starts an investigation into the death and leading to and making accusations and then a deep-fake video that could derail his career. In Ohio Amity Jones, a former Supreme Court clerk, is checking on her sick mother and is told about the next door little boy, who was on deaths door and now has recovered. Every week mysterious people show up at that house and Amity starts investigating. She soon teams up with Palmer and together they uncover a medical proceduer that could change the course of treatments forever but also is illegal and involves the highest members of the US Government. Their lives will be in danger at every turn and Palmer and Amity must use everything they can to get the story out before it’s too late. The story is all action and takes the reader on a ride that never lets up. Fans of political thrillers will be happy with this one.

You cans pick up A Simple Choice in stores on Tuesday, August 2nd from Putnam.