Book Review: ‘A Season For Second Chances: A Novel’ By Jenny Bayliss

A really fun rom-com that shows that you can take stock of your life and move on. With witty, well-written characters and a small town feel, this novel will put a smile on your face. Annie Sharpe is married to Max, is a top-chef, who owns a successful restaurant with Max and has twin boys, that are all grown-up and out on their own. Things should be good until she one again catches Max cheating on her with her new young waitress. This is the final straw for her and she leaves him. Annie sees an ad for a winter custodian for a house on the water in Kent at Saltwater Nook. The house is own and has an impressive tea-room that hasn’t been used in years. The owner is Mari, who is in her 90’s and her newphew John wants to sell it, with many in the town are oppossed to. Annie loves hew new place, meets the members of the town, who are all friendly and she fast becomes part of the gang except with John. She even re-opens the tea-room to much success. Even John starts to come around, as does Max trying to win her back. But John is the one Annie convinces to try and sell the place to her and as they become closer, she learns a lot about John and herself and how you can start over again.

You can pick up A Season For Second Chances in stores now from Putnam.

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