Book Review: ‘A Novel Love Story: A Novel’ By Ashley Poston

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from Berkley. Click on the link to buy a copy.

Eileen Merriweather is looking forward to her week with her super slutty book club, especially after her fiancé broke up with her a week before the wedding not too long ago. They have a cabin in the woods. When everyone cancels on her, including her best friend, she decides to go alone. She takes solace in the books of her favorite author, Rachel Flowers, who died before finishing the fifth book in her romantic series. When she gets lost in a storm, somehow Eileen ends up in Eloration, the fictional town of Flower’s book series, and sees all the sites and meets a lot of the characters. One person she meets is the bookstore owner, Anderson Sinclair, a character not in the books but who knows everything about the town. Elsy (her nickname) is warned not to make any ripples, and of course she does, and soon they fall for each other, but he has a secret that she soon learns, and it tests their love. This is a creative rom-com that’s a lot of fun to read. A perfectly well-written beach read.