Book Review: ‘A Million Reasons Why: A Novel’ By Jessica Strawser

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

I love Jessica Strawser novels they always are well-written and have great twists. Her latest does not disappoint. An emotional story about family, secrets and twists and turns you don’t see coming.

Caroline is married and has three kids and is happy with her life. She’s taken a DNA test and gets a notification that she has a sister Sela. Sela has taken the test in hope of finding a kidney donor to save her life. She has an estranged husband and a two year old son Brody. Caroline is shocked and soon her father and mother learn the truth and it leads to issues in their marriage. Caroline decides to communicate with Sela and they soon form a bond, never mentioning about her kidney issue. When they get together and Sela gets sick she confesses about her kidney. Caroline is torn if she should test to be a match. That’s only part of the story. Soon shocking secrets are learned about the past and who really knew about Sela. Then a shocking secret you don’t see coming changes everything.

You can pick up A Million Reasons Why in stores on Tuesday, March 23rd from St. Martin’s Press.