Book Review: ‘A Matter Of Life And Death: A Robin Lockwood Novel’ By Phillip Margolin

Attorney Robin Lockwood meets with a homeless ex-boxer named Joe Lattimore, who has a wife and baby daughter, because he’s afraid he’s being framed for a murder during an illegal night of fighting. Now he’s being blackmailed by the organizer of the fights. It turns out he’s now being framed for the murder of a judge’s wife, a judge who wanted his wife dead. Robin is asked to be his defense attorney and she thinks he is innocent. The evidence points directly to Joe. Robin won’t stop until she finds proves his innocence and gets a few lucky breaks and is able to track down the people who put on the fights and it puts her life in jeopardy but also leads to the shocking truths.

Author Phillip Margolin is an attorney so he knows of what he writes. The Robin Lockwood series is one I look forward to. She is a strong female character, who’s smart and well-written. The courtroom scenes as also a lot of fun to follow along with as well.

You can pick up A Matter Of Life And Death in stores on Tuesday, March 9th from Minotaur Books.

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