Book Review: ‘A Happier Life: A Novel’ By Kristy Woodson Harvey

by | May 23, 2024 | Books | 0 comments

The book is in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from Gallery. Click on the link to buy a copy.

Keaton Smith and her live-in boyfriend have broken up, he cheated on her with his ex-wife, who is her boss and told to find someplace else to live and also loses her job. Her mother and uncle want her to go to the family house, In Beaufort, North Carolina, that has been vacant for fifty years and which they never talk about and get it ready to be sold. Once she gets there, she learns about her grandparent’s lives, via journals, she never knew them and no one knows what happened to them. They vanished one night, bodies were never found, and rumors they were murdered. She also becomes friends with the people that live there, knew her family back then and even meets the hunky neighbor, and they start a relationship. The past and present collide, as Keaton and her family come to terms with the house, finally figure out what happened all those years ago and maybe, just maybe, the past can be put to rest. Told via flashbacks in the journals, this is a well-written, character-driven novel, that focuses on family, love and new beginnings. Another winner from author Harvey, who never disappoints.