Book Review: ‘A Good Day For Chardonnay: A Sunshine Vicram Novel’ By Darynda Jones

by | Jul 4, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

Author Darynda is back with book number 2 in her Sunshine Vicram novel. Her first book A Bad Day For Sunshine was one of my favorite books of last year and she has written a really good follow-up with A Good Day For Chardonnay. It has more character devlopment and features the quirky characters of the first book in the small town of Del Sol, New Mexico, with some good LOL moments. All Sunshine wants is a day off to relax and she just can’t seem to get one. First it’s a racoon that has bothering everyone, then an assualt and one of her officers ends up in the hospital. Then the Mayor is on her case about any little thing, including finding out who the Dangerous Daughters are (from book one a mysterious group that are rumored to run the town). And then more crimes keep happening and Sunshine is just under the gun to solve everything. And then there’s her love life or lack of it and her crush on Levi. It all adds up to a fun read and something to look forward to in the next novel.

You can pick up A Good Day For Chardonnay in stores on Tuesday, July 27th from St. Martin’s Press.