Book Review: ‘A Gambling Man’ Is The Next Good Archer Novel From David Baldacci

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

Book two of David Baldacci Archer series is another good story. Sometimes the second book in a series is a let down but not this one. David Baldacci always writes great characters and in book two Archer grows a lot from the first book. He’s a breathe of fresh air as a character and this story is a well-written one to read.

Archer has decided to head west to California and become a gumshoe (a 1950’s expression), with a stop in Reno, where he meets Liberty, a dancer and he wins some money at the casino. He scores himself a 1939 Delahaye convertible and he and Liberty head to Cali. He meets up with Dash, who will be Archer’s new boss at the P.I. office and they’re on a case right away. They end up investigating an blackmail case of the a Mayor candidate (who is from a rich family), accused of having an affair with a dancer named Ruby. They end up investigating in many seedy type places, the bodies pile up and their lifes are in danger. Archer’s first case might end up being his last.

You can pick up A Gambling Man in stores on Tuesday, April 20th, from Grand Central Publishing.